Services and prices

The Alpe Devero camper parking area is the ideal solution for those who love to travel by camper and want to experience the beauty of the Alp,s close to Piedmont and Switzerland. We are just a few kilometers from the enchanting protected area of ​​Devero, reachable by shuttle bus.

Always open. The camper area of ​​the Municipality of Baceno is always open, 24 hours a day. At night you enter immediately and pay at the end of your vacation. The area is fully automated and guarantees an all-inclusive service (bathrooms and showers with hot water).

The area is set up for the disposal of wastewater from your camper. If you only need this service you can pay a limited fee without having to stop in our car parks. Respect nature and always use areas predisposed for the disposal of sewage.

Each pitch has access to the electric turrets. You can top up your water tank for free. Use water responsibly, avoid waste.
Pets of any size are welcome in our camper area. If you have an animal bring it with you and make sure you have read our rules.

Camper area rates

Automatic payment at the cash desk with a card issued at the entrance, no deposit is required before leaving the camper area. Payment at departure. The card gives you access to all the services listed.

Every 12h
low season
€ 8,00
€ 5,00 until 29/2
June and September
high season
€ 10,00
July and August
really high season
€ 10,00

All pubblic holidays are considered really high season as days connected
(Easter, 1st May, 25th April, 2nd June, 15th August, 1st November, 8th December, 26th - 27th December - Christmas and 1 st January )

Services and equipment fìof the camper parking area